You may do the following without a permit:
1. Roof, re-roof or repair an existing roof of less than 100 square feet.
2. Apply stucco or siding involving less than 501 square feet.
3. Install fascia and soffit involving less than 101 linear feet.
4. Installation/construction or moving of any pre-manufactured accessory structure or building involving less than 151 square feet. Zoning issues may apply.
5. Construct non-structural concrete slabs or install pavers involving less than 100 square feet. All work involved in City right-of-way shall require a plan review and permit.
6. Minor non-structural work where the total for labor and material is less than $1,000, as determined by the Building Official, provided the work is not part of a larger overall operation segmented to evade normal permitting requirements.
7. Any portable heating, cooling or ventilating appliance.

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1. How do I obtain a permit?
2. What are some common types of permits?
3. When is a permit required to do work?
4. You may do the following without a permit:
5. What are the building codes the City of Temple Terrace use?
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8. With permits, who is responsible for scheduling inspections, correcting violations and paying reinspection fees?
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10. What construction documents are required to be submitted for building permits? Do they require the stamp and approval of an architect or engineer?
11. How does the inspection process work?
12. Do I need a permit to install a security system in my home?
13. At what stage of construction can I get an electric meter released for my project?
14. What constitutes a final inspection?
15. How can I find out how much a permit costs?
16. When do I have to file a Notice of Commencement?
17. Is a Certificate of Occupancy required for any construction project?
18. I have a project that is almost complete. Can I get a Certificate of Occupancy?