River Watch Task Force Vision & Mission Statement Goals and Objectives

Vision Statement

The Hillsborough River corridor will be a vibrant, natural environment providing outdoor recreational activities, as well as being a source for drinking water. 

Mission Statement

The Hillsborough River is part of the core identity of the City and is its greatest natural resource. We will promote the natural beauty, pristine condition, native wildlife and environmental integrity of the Hillsborough River, particularly the portion known as the Middle River. The River Watch Task Force will give Temple Terrace a larger voice in the conservation, protection and utilization of the Hillsborough River Watershed. 


1. Monitor and advocate for issues concerning water levels, water quality, native wildlife, environmental integrity, pollution mitigation, boating safety, recreation and other areas relevant to the health of the Hillsborough River. 

2. Monitor and promote water levels and flows in the Middle River that: 

      1- allows recreational use of the river; 

      2- protect property along this corridor; 

      3- provide for proper health of the river ecosystem. 

3. Continue to increase the committee’s knowledge and understanding of Hillsborough River and Tampa Bay water management programs and issues, as well as environmental and species conservation. 

4. Engage City leaders as necessary to inform them of issues concerning Hillsborough River. 

5. Engage in public outreach at community events throughout the year in order to raise awareness of issues concerning the Hillsborough River. 

6. Partner with other river stakeholders, such as the River Board, TAC, Southwest Florida Water Management District, Tampa Bay Water, Friends of the River, City of Tampa and others, to develop cohesive approaches to local issues. 

7. Promote water conservation. 8. Promote the City’s influence and authority regarding Hillsborough River. Objectives: 

1. Meet monthly to discuss ongoing activities, projects and emerging topics impacting the Hillsborough River Watershed. 

2. Continue the relationship with SWFWMD representatives at our monthly meetings. 

3. Continue the relationship with the Temple Terrace Task Force liaison to provide updates/reports from TAC and other meetings. 

4. Continue the relationship with Temple Terrace Task Force liaison to provide continuing educational opportunities. 

5. Recommend that City leaders engage an environmental specialist to evaluate whether Middle Hillsborough River: Water Levels, Water Quality and Water Management 2009 report from SWFWMD could be interpreted differently to Temple Terrace’s benefit regarding water levels and flows. 

6. Initiate public outreach activities. 

7. Monitor advances in reclaimed water technology to reduce demand on Middle River. 

8. Monitor landfills and pollution in river shed area. 9. Ensure that future development is consistent with the preservation and conservation on the Hillsborough River Watershed.