Public Use of Library Grounds Policy

This policy covers the use of Library premises by persons or groups in exercising rights to free speech, peaceful assembly and petitioning government for redress of grievances. These rights are subject to reasonable restrictions regarding time, place and manner to ensure the rights and safety of others.

1. Individuals and groups may hand out informational literature, or seek signatures for petitions on Library grounds outside the building provided:

a. They are quiet, orderly and do not block entrances to the building, sidewalks, parking or delivery areas, or otherwise interfere with access to or use of the library.

b. They do not disturb, harass or insistently attempt to engage in conversation those entering or leaving the library.

c. There is no consumption of alcoholic beverages.

e. Such activity takes place only during the hours that the library is open to the public.

2. Public solicitation of funds and business patronage are prohibited on Library property unless organized as part of a library sanctioned event.

3. The public and library patrons are expected to follow the Library’s Code of Conduct.

4. Demonstrator(s) do not need to request or receive permission for their activities from the Library. However, as the Library occasionally uses outside areas for scheduled Library programs, Library staff may require activities be moved to an area where the program will not be disturbed.

5. The presence of demonstrator(s) does not constitute an endorsement, by the City of Temple Terrace or the Temple Terrace Public Library, of the opinions or points of view expressed or espoused by the demonstrator(s), and demonstrator(s) will not suggest such is the case.

6. All yard signs, other than those produced by the Library, are prohibited on Library property. Signs posted on Library grounds will be removed and disposed of by City staff.

7. Any person or group who violates these regulations may be asked by a staff member to leave the Library premises. 

Library personnel may ask for assistance in the enforcement of these regulations from the City of Temple Terrace Police Department. General Information and Background The Temple Terrace Public Library made use of the American Library Association’s (ALA) Guidelines for the Development of Policies Regarding User Behavior and Library Usage (adopted 1993, revised 2000 & 2005) in developing this Policy. The ALA guidelines are based upon constitutional principles and in accordance with regulation of user behavior being approached within the framework of the ALA code of Ethics, the Library Bill of Rights and the law, including state and local statutes, constitutional standards under the First and Fourteenth Amendments, and due process and equal treatment under the law. Approved and Adopted by the Temple Terrace Public Library Board on 2 March 2017.