Department of Economic Opportunity Grant

The City of Temple Terrace has been awarded a Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) grant from the State of Florida to fund the creation of a Complete Streets and Safety Action Plan. The three corridors evaluated as part of the Plan include the following:

  • Druid Hills Road from North 52nd Street to North Riverhills Drive
  • North Riverhills Drive from Fowler Avenue to Druid Hills Road
  • Whiteway Drive from North 52nd Street to North Riverhills Drive

The concept of Complete Streets is centered on safety for all users (motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transit riders) through planning and designing. Complete streets may include elements such as the following:

  • Sidewalks
  • Bike lanes
  • Landscape treatments
  • Curb extensions
  • Bus lanes
  • Median island
  • Narrow travel lanes
  • Accessible pedestrian signals

Complete Streets encourage walking, bicycling, and public transportation use by providing a comfortable, safe, and convenient environment for all road users, regardless of mode. A key component of Complete Streets principles is designing for multimodal uses of roadways and not strictly for auto/personal vehicle use and infrastructure. The health benefits associated with Complete Streets include the following:

· Increase in physical activity

· Reduction in transportation-related emissions exposure

· Reductions in vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle crashes

The goal of this Complete Streets and Safety Action Plan is to provide multi-modal mobility options on roadways with the City of Temple Terrace that allow vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians to travel through local streets safely and comfortably. The three corridors included in the Complete Streets and Safety Action Plan provide connections to several points of interest within the City of Temple Terrace such as public spaces, schools, and recreational facilities. The implementation of this plan will improve current conditions on three corridors. The Plan will serve as a model for implementation of additional Complete Street corridors in the City of Temple Terrace.

Existing Conditions and Mapping: January-February 2022                          

Public Workshop: March 22, 2022                                            

Draft Complete Streets and Safety Action Plan: March-May 2022

City Council Presentation: June 7, 2022

You can also see the list of potential types of improvements.

General project map depicting the study corridors of Whiteway Avenue, Druid Hills Road and Riverhill