Roseliza Nheik


Artist BioArt 2

Roseliza Nheik is a first generation Cambodian-American artist. As an autodidact, her unique style is influenced by street art and abstract paintings. Coming from a Khmer refugee family,  her art work not only depicts the Cambodian culture, but she also includes various other cultures around the world. Her style of art involves using mixed media as she thoughtfully chooses colors to create a dark, but bright sultry look. By using this method, she is able to intricately capture and bring to life each minor detail of her paintings.

Mural artist Roseliza Nheik beautifies the Intersection of Inclusion at Riverhills and 56th in Temple Terrace her creative and colorful design  She is one of four artists from diverse backgrounds with distinct styles who responded to requests from residents to showcase the array of stunning plants, flowers and trees that make the community so inviting. 

A Piece of Our History

Temple Terrace is known for its beautiful array of beautiful plants and flowers. Among these are its bromeliads and birds of paradise, which are captured in Nheik's mural.