Ameena Khan



Artist Bio

Ameena Khan is a mixed media artist in the Tampa Bay area. Born and raised in Gainesville, FL, she received her Bachelor of Science, Master of Engineering, and PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida. After working as a consultant and research scientist for several years, a move to Tampa prompted Ameena to pursue her passion: creating art. Trading her calculator for a paintbrush, she has been exhibiting her paintings in galleries and museums since 2010.

Ameena is passionate about creating opportunities for others to express themselves through the arts. She regularly leads group art activities, directing people in the creation of collaborative paintings. Her goal for these sessions is to encourage participants, whether friends or strangers, to connect with one another in creating something beautiful together. Ameena is currently the K-8 visual arts teacher at the Universal Academy of Florida. 

Ameena's colorful work also can be seen painted on the street on Inverness Ave., as well as on the side wall of Greco Middle School and other places in the City. 

Art 7

"I hope my painting brings everyone 

who passes by a little unexpected 

magic and joy."

-Ameena Khan