Municipal Solid Waste Collection

wave canMunicipal Solid Waste Collection 

All residences serviced by the City receive a standard 95- or 65-gallon garbage cart free of charge. Each of these carts is branded with the City’s name as well as a serial number that assigns it to a specific address. These carts are City property and must remain at that address for the life of the cart. Residents who move out of Temple Terrace must leave their cart for the new homeowner or be assessed a $75 charge on their final utility bill. Carts that are damaged by normal wear and tear will be replaced by the City. a hand placing a bag of trash in a can

These City-issued carts are the only trash receptacles serviced curbside by City crews.

Trash is collected on a twice-weekly pick-up schedule. ALL refuse should be placed inside the cart which should be set out within 5 feet of the curb, but not in the street, between sunset the night before collection and 7am on collection day. Containers must be removed by sunset on the day of collection. Only city-issued containers will be serviced in an amount not to exceed 2 containers per residence.

Should a special occasion result in more waste than can be accommodated by the carts at an address, crews will accept bagged items placed adjacent to the cart on a very limited basis. If the amount of garbage generated by a household routinely exceeds the current capacity of the cart(s), the resident will be asked to purchase an additional cart or trash not contained in the cart will be left at the curb. You may request an additional 95- or 65-gallon cart by calling Public Works at 813.506.6560. A onetime service fee of $75 for a second cart will be added to your utility bill upon delivery.

Trash or Garbage Can Monthly Charges

  • Residential:  $33.67
  • Residential with qualifying senior discount:  $21.48
  • Commercial:  $33.67


FIRST GREEN BIN (These items may be co-mingled):

Metals, including:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Drink cans only. (No other type of aluminum such as foil pie pans, food containers, etc.)
  • Steel / Tin Can
  • Food cans only. (No other type of cans such as paint cans, oil cans, etc. Remove and discard lids and rinse all containers. Labels do not have to be removed.)

Plastics, including:

  • Household plastic bottles or containers, i.e. soda, milk, soap 
  • Rinsed out oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, and windshield washer bottles

No bubble wrap, plastic bags, Styrofoam or other types of plastic containers

SECOND GREEN BIN (These items may be co-mingled):

Mixed Paper, including:paper recycling in a bin

  • Junk mail
  • Envelopes
  • Newspapers
  • Office/school papers
  • Phone books
  • Magazines
  • Computer paper
  • Cereal boxes (without food wrapper) 

No paper from restrooms or kitchens, i.e. tissue, wax paper, toilet tissue, paper towels, food wrappers or carriers, including pizza boxes.


  • Corrugated boxes. Flatten and cut into sections of three feet by three feet or less and place in your recycling bin.
  • Cartons
  • Coated paper cartons from milk, juice, broth, etc.

GLASSno glass recycling

The City has discontinued separated glass recycling. Residents should place glass items into their regular garbage, which is taken to a Waste-to-Energy plant for incineration.

 For more information on the City's complimentary recycling program, click here.

Yard Wasteyard waste in a can

Yard waste is picked up on Wednesdays only. Disposal regulations prohibit the city from collecting yard debris with normal garbage. Yard waste means any yard clippings, leaves, tree limbs (must be shorter than 3 feet in length and less than 5 inches in diameter and bundled), tree trunks, palm fronds, mulch, grass, and shrubbery/brush, materials. Grass clippings and leaves must be containerized, preferably in reusable 30 gallon trash bins, with a weight limit of 50 lbs. per container. Do not include fruit with the yard debris. If you have trash cans that are no longer in use, consider placing your unbagged lawn debris in those cans and put them curbside for collection. DO NOT use recycling bins for yard waste.

Construction Debris / Furniture

Debris resulting from commercial consta cartoon garbage can holding up its handruction or professional landscapers must be removed by contractor or the homeowner can call Public Works to arrange for a special trash pick-up.

For larger items like furniture that do not meet pre-collection requirements, the city offers a free, once-a-year annual pick-up or a special trash pick-up at additional cost. For more information about special pickups, click here or call the Public Works Department at 813.506.6570.