Library Meeting Room Application Policy

Library Board Policy for Meeting Spaces

1.    PURPOSE:

A.    Temple Terrace Public Library’s meeting spaces are intended to be used for library-related functions. The library encourages other citizens and community group access to those rooms as part of a program of service to further the library’s objectives.

B.    The library’s objectives are to promote lifelong learning, enhance quality of life, encourage individual intellectual freedom and broaden horizons for all.

C.    Use of meeting spaces shall have the following priority:

  1.    Early voting coordinated in conjunction with the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office which preempts all other uses.
  2.   Library-sponsored or co-sponsored programs.
  3.   Organizations in partnership with the Library, including Friends of the Library and the Hillsborough Literacy Council.
  4.  Individuals, community groups, non-profit organizations, and other qualified governmental agencies.

D.    The Library reserves the right to deny meeting space access to any group pursuant to this policy.

F.    Use of this facility is governed by the City of Temple Terrace Library Board.

G.    The individual completing the Application for Use of Library Meeting Spaces (Application) must be a Hillsborough County resident and have a current Temple Terrace or Hillsborough County Library card in good standing with no outstanding fines or fees. Those residents without a library card are encouraged to apply for one.

H.    All persons attending meetings must conform to guidelines set forth in the Library’s Code of Conduct.

I.    The City of Temple Terrace, Temple Terrace Public Library, and the City of Temple Terrace Library Board, neither endorse, approve nor disapprove the aims, policies, viewpoints or activities of groups utilizing meeting spaces.

J.    Individuals, community groups and non-profit organizations may not reserve meeting spaces more than once in a three month period nor more than two months in advance to ensure fair availability to all citizens.

K.    Walk-in requests for immediate use of meeting spaces are based on availability and compliance with this policy.

L.    Audio, computer, visual, sound and lighting systems, including cables, must be provided by the individual, community group, or non-profit organization using the room.

M.    Meetings must be scheduled to take place within regular library hours of operation and must end at least 15 minutes prior to closing time.

N.    Meeting spaces must be left in the same condition and arrangement in which they are found prior to usage. Responsibility for any damage to property or loss of library equipment must be assumed by the individual, community group, or non-profit organization using the room.

O.    Accidents are to be reported immediately to library staff.

P.    Library staff may attend or observe any meeting or any program at any time.

Q.    The name, address and /or phone number of the Temple Terrace Public Library may not be used as the address or headquarters of any group. No individual, community group or non-profit organization may imply library sponsorship agreement without prior approval, and such approval shall be in accordance with library policy.

R.    The individual, community group or non-profit organization using the meeting space is responsible for its own publicity.

S.    Individuals, groups or businesses using the meeting spaces must save, defend, and hold the City of Temple Terrace, its officers, agents and employees, and the Temple Terrace Library Board, harmless from any claim or injury to themselves or others.


A.    Applications:

  1.    Individuals, community groups or non-profit organizations wishing to reserve meeting space must submit a completed application with sufficient processing time, usually two to three business days. Last minute requests will be considered on an individual basis and handled appropriately.
  2.    All submitted applications are reviewed prior to confirmation of a reservation.
  3.    Individuals, community groups or non-profit organizations will be notified of the status of their application.

B.    Cancellations:

  1.   The library retains the right to cancel a meeting space reservation in the event of a scheduling conflict with a library activity or co-sponsored program or if conditions arise that affect the safety, health or operation of the library.
  2.   Individuals, community groups or non-profit organizations holding reservations are requested to notify the library of any cancellation at the earliest possible date in order to free the meeting space for use by others. Failure to provide notice of cancellation on more than two occasions could result in denial of future use.

C.    Use Limitations:

  1.    Fire Marshal’s maximum occupancy limits cannot be exceeded.
  2.    Individuals, community groups or non-profit organizations must check in with library staff on first arrival for any meeting and provide them with an attendance count before departure.
  3.    Refreshments are NOT allowed in the Robbins Family Conference Room. Refreshments other than dry snacks and beverages in covered containers are not permitted in the Meeting Room unless permission has been granted. Individuals, community groups, or non-profit organizations wishing to bring refreshments must complete and submit a Food & Beverage Permission Addendum and will be assessed a non-refundable cleaning fee. Payment of the fee must be made prior to use of the room. Applicants should retain receipt for proof of payment. Failure to obtain an approved Food & Beverage Permission Addendum will result in a cleaning fee being assessed as well as possible denial of future use.
  4.    Serving or consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  5.    Storage space for equipment, supplies, materials, etc. belonging to individuals, community groups, or non-profit organizations cannot be provided by the library.
  6.    Sound amplification in a meeting space must not impede regular operations of the library.
  7.    Copyrighted or commercially produced films, videos and DVD’s must have public performance rights in order to be viewed in a meeting space.
  8.    Individuals, community groups or non-profit organizations’ activities may not adversely affect library operations.
  9.    Anyone failing to follow the above use limitations is at risk of having their meeting space privileges revoked.

4. Authority:

The Temple Terrace Library Board has the duty and the responsibility, among others, to serve in a recommending capacity to the Director of the Library and the City Council in respect to all matters pertaining to the public library.  


Teressa Fraser, Library Division Director 

Application for Use of Meeting Room and Robbins Room

Application for Use of Food or Beverage