Annexation is the process that allows a neighborhood or community to become part of the City of Temple Terrace. Annexation typically occurs when residents elect to join the City, often seeking improved municipal services, better police and fire protection and more responsive government. Florida law provides for the annexation of areas contiguous to incorporated municipalities in order to provide a more rational and efficient delivery of services to residents. Annexation also contributes to sound urban development, stronger municipal boundaries and an improved framework for residential and business expansion.


Annexation brings greater local government representation. The City of Temple Terrace mayor and City Council members understand neighborhood issues and concerns because they represent a smaller geographic area. Elected by Temple Terrace voters, the mayor and City Council have a responsibility to assess the needs of the citizenry, set community priorities, and represent residents regarding regional issues.


Upon annexation, your neighborhood will be served by the Temple Terrace Police Department. You can expect an enhanced level of police protection, with an average emergency response time of under three minutes. Our police department is community oriented, supporting one of the most active Neighborhood Crime Watch programs in Hillsborough County. The department’s “Citizens Police Academy” and “National Night Out” campaigns offer residents a chance to meet officers and learn more about the department.


The Temple Terrace Fire Department is internationally accredited with the Center for Public Safety Excellence, one of only a few in Florida to earn this designation. The department offers enhanced emergency medical and fire protection services, with an average emergency response time of under five minutes. Each of our fire stations is fully equipped and staffed with highly trained personnel ready to provide state-of-the-art emergency medical services.


Temple Terrace offers an impressive array of recreational opportunities, with more than a dozen parks, playgrounds and athletic fields. The Family Recreation Complex is the focal point for the City’s recreational activities. Currently undergoing a renovation, the facility offers year-round aquatics, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, fitness, baseball, soccer, dance, arts classes and much more! The Omar K. Lightfoot Recreation Center also offers comprehensive programs and activities for seniors in a fun, friendly environment.


Temple Terrace is very conscientious about the types and styles of development allowed within its jurisdiction. The City has development regulations and design requirements that control the development of property. Residents of Temple Terrace have a strong voice in local decision-making for planning and zoning matters. Building and permitting functions are customer-friendly, and encourage owners to improve their residential and commercial properties.


When a condition on a property becomes a neighborhood eyesore, nuisance or hazard, Code Compliance officers respond swiftly and effectively. They work with owners and neighborhoods to maintain high standards and preserve property values for everyone’s benefit. Code Compliance representatives frequently attend homeowner association meetings, crime-watch groups and other civic gatherings to educate the public about municipal codes and regulations.


Annexation of your neighborhood or community will not change the school district in which you currently are located. Any change would be initiated by the School District and not the City.


In most cases, annexation will not affect your residential or business addresses. Building numbers and street names typically remain the same following any annexation.


The City of Temple Terrace controls and operates its own water treatment facility and delivers water to this facility via municipal wells located within the City. Residential sanitation and recycling programs provide twice a week curbside collection and once per week recycling services. Additionally, the City offers special pick-up programs for the disposal of large items such as furniture, trees debris and appliances. Sanitation services are the finest available, providing homeowners with reliable, top-quality service.


Annexation may trigger a change in your property tax bill. Overall differences will vary depending on a property’s location, improvements and the assessed value assigned by the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser’s office. The main reason for the differences in tax and utility bills is that the City and County have different funding tools to provide services to their citizens. The great benefit of annexation is the ability to keep taxes local. The more taxes that are generated in the local area, the more these taxes can remain in the local area for increased services, capital projects and improvements to the community.


There are many benefits to becoming a resident:

  • First-class recreational amenities with reduced membership costs at recreational facilities at resident rates
  • Better, faster responses from police, fire protection and emergency services
  • Property value protection through sound planning, zoning regulations and code enforcement
  • Water and sewer cost reductions by 25 percent by becoming a Temple Terrace resident
  • Excellent sanitation and recycling services
  • Easy access to City Hall and elected officials