Multimodal Transportation District

First in Florida

A Multimodal Transportation District is an area of the community where there is an emphasis on alternative means of transportation, such as walking, bicycling, or golf carts. It focuses on non-automobile oriented development strategies in planning for the future. Temple Terrace is the first city in Florida in which the entire community was designated by the state as a Multimodal Transportation District.

Award-Winning Concept

Temple Terrace's MTD was honored with an "Outstanding Contribution to the Community" award at the Planning Commission's 29th annual Community Design Awards in 2011.

Capital Improvements 

Projects are paid for partly through the use of a mobility fee from new development. The city reviews development orders for consistency with the MTD’s Level of Service standards per the city’s Transportation Procedures Manual. Each new development order that meets transportation concurrency is reviewed using a pay-as-you-go system. To mitigate any potential impact, new development pays a predetermined cost per trip for each new vehicle trip generated. Funds are used to complete a transportation improvement project identified in the capital improvements plan for the MTD.

Questions or comments may be referred to the Planning Department at 813.506.6480.