Swimming Pools


Please read the following guidelines that control the construction and maintenance of swimming pools on residential and commercial properties in Temple Terrace. These rules are necessary to keep our City safe and attractive for all residents. If you have any questions, email the Code Compliance Department or call them at (813) 506-6680.


City ordinances require swimming pools to be maintained in a sanitary and secure condition.

Corrective Action

Keep swimming pools clean and prevent unrestrained access.

City Code References

Section 25.755 Swimming Pools

Section 25.755.6 Supply and Disposal of Water

No swimming pools are to be drained into a disposal well unless such well has been approved by the Florida State Board of Health and constructed in accordance with the State’s requirements. A well permit must be obtained from both the Board of Health and the City of Temple Terrace. Drainage of swimming pools may be into the Hillsborough River, storm sewers, an absorption pit or other positive outfall facilities. Facility for pool drainage shall be subject to approval of the building inspector.

Section 25.755.9 Fencing or Safety Barrier

Any pool hereafter constructed shall have a safety barrier as hereafter provided:

(a) The safety barrier shall take the form of a screened-in patio, a wooden fence, a wire fence, a rock wall, a concrete block wall or other materials, so as to enable the owner to blend the same with the style of architecture planned or in existence on the property.

(b) The minimum height of the safety barrier shall not be less than four (4) feet.

(c) The safety barrier shall be erected either around the swimming pool or around the premises on which the swimming pool is erected; in either event, it shall enclose the area entirely, prohibiting unrestrained admittance to the enclosed area; excepting that those premises abutting on a waterway shall not require a barrier along that side which is parallel with the waterway.

(d) Gates shall be of the spring lock type, so that they shall automatically be in a closed position at all times.

(e) Gates shall also be equipped with an adequate lock and shall be locked when the swimming pool is not in use.

(f) If the wooden type fence, the boards, pickets, louvers or other such members shall be spaced, constructed and erected so as to make the fence non-climbable and impenetrable.

(g) Walls, whether of the rock or block type, shall be so erected as to make them non-climbable.

(h) Wire fences shall be the two (2) inch chain link or diamond weave non-climbable type, or of an approved equal with top rail. They shall be of a heavy, galvanized material.

(i) It shall be within the discretion of the building inspector of the City to refuse approval of any barrier which, in his opinion, does not furnish the safety requirements of this regulation; i.e., that it is high enough and so constructed to keep the children of preschool age from getting over or through it.

(j) The erection or construction of a safety barrier shall not apply to those pools which are fillable to no greater depth than thirty (30) inches. Any owner or owners of any swimming pool already in existence, or in the process of being constructed, shall within thirty (30) days from the effective date of this Chapter, erect a safety barrier in accordance with the description appearing in Section 25.755.9.

Section 25.755.10 Hazards of Swimming Pools and Their Control

It shall be the duty and responsibility of the owner or custodian of a swimming pool to maintain it, and the safety barrier, in proper and safe condition. If at any time it shall be determined by the building inspector, City Manager, or other person who may hereafter have the responsibility of supervising swimming pools, that a swimming pool in the City is so operated and maintained as to constitute a hazard to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City, or that the safety barrier had not been so maintained as to serve its purpose, the City Manager, building inspector or other appropriate official, by direct personal delivery or certified mail of a citation, shall call to the attention of the owner or custodian of the pool the nature of the hazard or health menace, calling upon and requiring correction of the same within three (3) days from the receipt date of said notice.

Should such owner or custodian fail to obey such directions, the penalties for violation of this Chapter as hereafter specified shall be invoked, including Section 25.315. If an owner or custodian of the swimming pool creating a hazard to the health, safety, and welfare cannot be located, or if such swimming pool appears abandoned or is located in conjunction with an uninhabited residence, the agents or employees of the City shall have the right of immediate entry upon the real property upon which such swimming pool is located to remove, terminate, or abate a hazard or health menace and such agents or employees shall be immune from prosecution, civil or criminal, for trespass upon such real property upon which swimming pool is located while in the discharge of their duties in removing, terminating or abating a hazard or health menace, and paying the reasonable cost thereof shall constitute a lien against the real property upon which such swimming pool is located.

(Ord. No. 860, 2-15-94)

For more information call (813) 506-6680 or e-mail tborroni@templeterrace.com.