Posting of Address


Please read the following guidelines that control the affixing of proper address signage on both residential and commercial properties in Temple Terrace. These rules are necessary to keep our City safe for all residents. If you have any questions, email the Code Compliance Department or call them at (813) 506-6680.


City ordinances require that posted addresses be present on residential and commercial buildings as follows:

Plain block format (not script)
Minimum 4” numbers for homes (6” otherwise)
Clearly visible, unobstructed and legible
Contrasting color to background Made of a durable, weather-resistant material
Corrective Action:

Affix the assigned address number as noted above.

City Code Definitions

Building Front - the side of a building that fronts upon the public or private way on which an address has been assigned by the City.

City Code References

Section 9.915 Fire Safety

(d) Posting of Addresses.

(1) All occupancies, including single-family residences, shall be numbered and marked in a manner and size as to be easily identified from the public roadway by responding-emergency vehicles.

(2) The size of letters and numbers will be determined by occupancy, as follows:

a. Single-family dwelling, minimum of four-inch numbers.

b. Other residential and commercial structures, minimum of six-inch numbers.

c. Multi-family residential three units or more shall have a minimum of six-inch numbers to identify the building and four-inch numbers to identify each unit.

(3) All numbers and letters shall be non-script.

(4) All numbers and letters shall be contrasting color to the background.

(5) All commercial business shall have their address, including suite number, marked on all rear and side doors.

Section 25.745.2 Streets

(2) Posting of street numbers. Whether or not mail is delivered to such a building, each building shall have its assigned building number properly displayed in accordance with this Section. It shall be the duty of the owners, occupants and property manager of each building to post the assigned building street number on the building as follows:

a. The building address number shall be affixed to the building front or to a separate structure, such as a mailbox, post, wall, fence or another area. The building address number shall be unobstructed and shall be clearly visible and legible from the public or private way adjacent to the building front. It shall clearly identify the building to which it is assigned; and

b. The numerals shall be of a color contrasting with the immediate background of the building or structure on which such numerals are affixed; and

c. Numerals shall be made of a durable, weather-resistant material, permanently affixed to their support and shall be plain block, not script, format; and

d. Final approval for a certificate of occupancy of any building constructed after the original effective date of this Section shall be withheld until the building address numbers have been constructed and affixed in accordance with this Section.

e. Apartments, condominiums and commercial complexes: Individual buildings of a condominium, apartment, or commercial complex shall be posted with the designated letter, sub number or street number, consistent with this Section. The designated letter, sub number or street number shall also be affixed to the rear access or delivery door of each unit in a commercial complex. A master directory map/board shall be lighted and maintained at the main entrance(s) to the complex and shall clearly indicate the location of all buildings and individual units.

(3) Whenever a parcel of land, a subdivision, or any part thereof, becomes annexed into the City, it shall be the responsibility of the Department of Community Development to review the address numbers of such property and to obtain conformance with the building numbering system in the posting and numbering for such annexed area. Upon determination that the street names and numbers conform to said system, the Temple Terrace building numbering system shall be amended to include said annexed land. The owner, occupant and property manager for a building annexed into the City shall be responsible for compliance with this Section.

For more information call (813) 506-6680 or e-mail