Pets & Animals

Please read the following guidelines that control the ownership and care of pets in Temple Terrace. These rules are necessary to keep our City safe and clean for all residents. If you have any questions, email the Code Compliance Department or call them at (813) 506-6680.


City ordinances prohibit pet nuisances and certain animals and fowl.

Corrective Action

Pets must be controlled, kept from posing a disturbance or nuisance and cleaned up after. To submit a complaint, complete the Animal Complaint Form.

City Code Definitions

At-Large: Off the premises of the owner and not under control of any owner either by leash, cord, chain, or other physical constraint.

City Code References

Section 4.410: Animals or Fowl That Disturb Neighbors or Damage Property Declared a Nuisance & Prohibited

No owner shall keep, house, own, maintain or have in custody any dog, cat, or other animal or fowl, within the limits of the city, which by barking, howling, crowing, cackling, or by any other noises or by the destruction or damage of property creates a nuisance or disturbs the peace, comfort, and quiet or infringes on the property rights of adjoining neighbors.
  • (a) Form of complaint. Any persons who are disturbed in their peace, comfort, and quiet, or who have their property destroyed or damaged, in violation of this section, shall have a right to file a complaint with the city’s chief of police.
  • (b) Verification of complaint. If said written-complaint is not signed by two persons who reside in separate dwellings, both of which are proximate to the alleged nuisance, the chief of police shall cause an investigation to be made to verify the allegations of the complaint.
  • (c) Service of complaint. Upon receipt of such written complaint, duly signed by two persons residing in two separate dwellings proximate to the alleged nuisance or upon verification of the complaint, the chief of police shall cause a copy of such complaint to be served upon the person complained against. If such nuisance is not abated, within three days after the service of such complaint upon the Party complained against, the city, in its sole discretion, may request a hearing before the Municipal Code Enforcement Board in accordance with the procedures of that board.

Section 4.420.2: Harboring of Certain Non-Domestic Animals & Fowl Prohibited

No owner shall keep, own, harbor, house, or permit to run at-large, any cattle, horses, pigs, hogs, sheep, goats, mules, chickens, lions, tigers, ocelots, bears, wolves, panthers, or other non-domestic animals and fowl within the corporate limits of the city, without the specific approval of the City Council.

Section 4.420.3 Beekeeping Prohibited

The keeping of bees shall be prohibited within the city.

Section 4.425 Dogs, Cats, and Domestic Animals

Section 4.425.1 Running At-Large

  • (a) No owner shall cause, permit, or allow any dog, cat, or any other domestic animal to stray, run, go, or in any other manner to be at-large in or upon any public street, sidewalk, or park, or on private property of others without the express or implied consent of the owner of such private property.
  • (b) No owner while in control of any animal whether by leash or any other manner shall allow such animal to trespass upon the property of another.
  • (c) Any person who has dogs, cats, or other domestic animals running, straying, or being at-large, uninvited on his property, may contact the Humane Officer to remove said animal from the premises. In addition, any person who has dogs, cats, or other domestic animals running, straying or being at-large, uninvited, on his property may file a complaint in accordance with Section 4.410 of this chapter.
  • (d) It shall be unlawful for any person to take, or attempt to take, by trap, or any other means or device, any dog, cat, or any other domestic animal not belonging to that person, except under the direct supervision of a Humane Officer or Animal Control Officer.

Section 4.425.5 Duty of Owner of Domestic Animals to Remove Deposit of Excreta

It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog, cat, or any other domestic animal to fail to remove deposits of excreta made by said animal in that person’s control, when the deposit of excreta occurred in the presence of the owner or person in control on any public property, including but not limited to, public parks, golf courses, rights-of-way, or on private property not belonging to the owner or person in control of the animal. If such depositing of excreta occurs, the owner or person in charge of the animal shall immediately cause its removal for disposal at the premises of the owner or person in charge of said animal. The penalty for violation of this Subsection shall be a fine of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars for each separate offense.

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For more information, please call 813-506-6680 or email