Open Burning


Please read the following guidelines that control the bonfires, trash fires or open burning on both residential and commercial properties in Temple Terrace. These rules are necessary to keep our City safe and clean for all residents. If you have any questions, email the Code Compliance Department or call them at (813) 506-6680.


City ordinances prohibit bonfires, trash fires and other open burning.

Corrective Action

Refrain from trash fires or open burning unless authorized by a special permit approved by the Fire Chief and City Manager.

City Code References

Section 9.915 FIRE SAFETY.

(i) Open Burning.

(1) All open burning shall be prohibited within the City limits, except in barbecues, gas grills and fireplaces and except when open burning is approved by the Chief of the Fire Department, by permit, for special events or training purposes.

(2) Burn permits shall be issued by the Fire Department.

(3) Air curtain incinerator burning shall be permitted for land clearing during construction with the approval of the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) and the Chief of the Fire Department.


It is hereby declared unlawful and a violation of this Section for any person to do or permit to be done any of the following acts or practices:

(g) To start or to maintain any bonfire or trash fire; to burn off any area for clearing; or to knowingly furnish materials for or to authorize any such fire to be started or maintained on any street, alley, road, public land or ground or upon any private property in the City; provided, however, campfires, bonfires, practice burns by the Fire Department, and land clearing by means of air curtain incineration may be allowed with special permit approved by the Fire Chief and City Manager with special conditions as deemed necessary. (Ord. No. 144, 2-16-65; Ord. No. 162, 5-3-66; Ord. No. 660, 7-5-8; Ord No. 1091,6-3-03)

For more information call (813) 506-6680 or e-mail