Debris Accumulation

Please read the following guidelines that control the accumulation of garbage and trash on both residential and commercial properties in Temple Terrace. These rules are necessary to keep our city safe and clean for all residents. If you have any questions, email the Code Compliance Department or call them at (813) 506-6680.

City ordinances prohibit the accumulation of garbage, trash, yard waste, and other debris on residential and commercial property.

Corrective Action
Clean area and restore to sanitary, uncluttered condition and properly dispose of offensive and derelict materials.

City Code Definitions
Solid Waste: All animal, fruit, and vegetable refuse matter whether cooked or raw or other material from which any animal, fruit or vegetable matter has been removed which might become sour, spoiled, rotten or putrid and from which obnoxious odors are liable to be emitted or to which flies, other insects, or rodents are liable to be attracted, as well as any other items not as bio-hazardous / medical waste, hazardous water, building/construction materials or recyclables.

City Code References
Section 11.120.9: Duty to Keep Premises Clean

It shall be unlawful for the occupant, or if there be no occupant, then the owner of any house, yard, store or lot of land to refuse to keep the same clean, or to permit any trash, weeds or any offensive matter of any kind to accumulate in or upon such premises.

Section 11.120.10: Occupants and Owners of Abutting Property to Keep Rights of Way Clean & Sanitary

All tenants or occupants of any real property abutting upon any street in the city, or if no tenant or occupant, then the owner thereof, shall be required to keep that part of the street between such property lines and the curb lines including the gutter of the street on which such property abuts, in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.

Section 11.130.7: Storing of Solid Waste/Trash/Refuse

The following practices regarding storing solid waste/trash/refuse are hereby established:

(b) Unauthorized accumulation: Any unauthorized accumulation of solid waste/trash/refuse on any premises is hereby declared to be a nuisance and is prohibited. Failure to remove any accumulation of refuse shall be deemed a violation of this chapter.

(c) Scattering of solid waste/trash/refuse: No person shall cast, place, sweep or deposit anywhere within the city any solid waste/trash/refuse in such a manner that it may be carried or deposited by the elements upon any street, sidewalk, alley, sewer, parkway, another public place, or into any occupied premises within the city.

Section 27.750: Minimum Standards (Minimum Housing Code)
(r) Sanitation

(1) All public or shared areas, habitable rooms or any dwelling or dwelling unit, structure, accessory structure, or building shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition by the occupant or owner.

(2) All garbage or rubbish shall be disposed of and kept in the manner prescribed in the Garbage Regulations.

(3) Nothing shall be placed, constructed, or maintained on any premises that shall in any way constitute a nuisance or fire hazard.

Section 28.840: Minimum Standards (Commercial Property Maintenance)
(h) Sanitation

(1) All public or shared areas, parking lots, landscaped areas, breezeways, walkways, overhangs, buildings, structures, premises, and property shall be kept clean, neat and sanitary by the occupant or owner, free of trash, litter, debris, gum, tobacco butts, cobwebs, wasp nests, and other foreign substances at all times.

(3) All garbage or rubbish shall be disposed of and kept in the manner prescribed in the Garbage Regulations. Dumpsters and dumpster enclosures shall be maintained, clean, and neat.

(4) Nothing shall be placed, constructed, or maintained on any premises that shall constitute a nuisance condition or fire hazard.

For more information, please call 813-506-6680 or email