ISO Information

Insurance Services Office, Inc (ISO)
Current Public Protection Classification: Class 1

Insurance Services Office, Inc (ISO) evaluates communities using a uniform set of criteria as part of the Public Protection Classification (PPC) Program. ISO reviews the fire suppression capabilities of a community and assigns a public protection classification. This classification is represented by the assignment of a number between 1 and 10. Class 1 being the highest rating and Class 10 indicating the area’s fire protection capability does not meet minimum criteria.

This process evaluates three major components:
  • Fire alarm and communication system
  • Fire Department distribution of resources, equipment, apparatus, pump capacity, staffing, and training
  • Water supply system

ISO conducted a PPC survey for Temple Terrace Fire Department in 2014. This survey resulted in the department’s classification being lowered from a Class 3 to Class 1, which signifies superior fire-protection services. TTFD was congratulated by ISO for their commitment to serve the needs of the community’s property owners and residents.