Fire Department

Data Breach Information

Progress Software Corp. publicly disclosed that its MOVEit file transfer tool used by EMS Management and Consultants, Inc. (EMS/MC), had been compromised on May 31, 2023, and again in June, possibly affecting millions of individuals across the country, including in Temple Terrace. After conducting an analysis of its data, EMS/MC, the billing service provider used by the City’ Fire Department, confirmed that names, dates of service, medical treatment locations (destination hospital), and medical record numbers related to approximately 700 patients treated and/or transported by the Temple Terrace Fire Department were potentially impacted. 

On August 9th, EMS/MC mailed notification letters to all affected patients for whom a valid address was on file.  Please note, these letters referenced the possibility of social security numbers and dates of birth also being exposed.  EMS/MC, however, has confirmed that in Temple Terrace’s case NO dates of birth or social security number were included in the breach.  EMS/MC will follow-up with a corrected letter. 

While EMS/MC is unaware of any misuse of information in relation to the incident, it has provided potentially affected individuals with steps they may take to help protect their information should they feel it necessary. Additional information about the event and tips to protect personal information is available at There also is a toll-free call center dedicated to responding to inquiries about this incident that can be reached at 833.318.2801, reference code B100189. 

A Message from the Chief 

It is my privilege to introduce you to the Temple Terrace Fire Department and the men and women who proudly serve our community. Our department motto is "Striving for Excellence and Exceeding Expectations." I believe this motto accurately describes our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our citizens. 

Our department has made a commitment to the highest standards of excellence in fire service. We have accomplished two major achievements that I believe reflect this commitment. 

The first is the reduction of our city's Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating. In 2006, TTFD was able to reduce our ISO rating from a Class 4 to Class 3. After years of hard work, ISO awarded our department a Class 1 rating. This reduction in the fire protection classification helps lower the insurance premiums paid by residents and business owners. The ISO rating is an important incentive for economic development as the city attracts new businesses and oversees the expansion of existing businesses. This ISO Class 1 rating puts our department in the top 1 percent of fire departments across the country. 

Second, our department was awarded Accredited Agency status in 2006 by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI), a program of the Virginia-based Center for Public Safety Excellence, Inc. Accreditation assures the public that the Fire Department has a specific mission, continually evaluates its services, encourages ongoing improvement through a self-assessment process, develops methods to address deficiencies, builds on organizational successes, and fosters pride in the organization and the community. 

Our department's success is attributable to our highly trained professional men and women, along with the support of city staff, elected officials, and citizens. I am honored to serve our community as fire chief, and I look forward to continued excellence through service to our community. 

-Fire Chief Ian Kemp

Call if You Can, Text if You Can't

Residents or visitors to Hillsborough County can send a text message to 911 for help during an emergency. While calls are still the best and fastest way to contact 911, text messages are an option when a call may not be possible.

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