Building & Zoning


The Temple Terrace Building and Zoning Divisions consist of permitting, inspection services, zoning reviews, and contractor registrations for our community. Approvals for occupational and alcohol licenses and permits for special events also are handled by the department.


The City of Temple Terrace Building / Zoning Division is committed to promoting the health, safety, and welfare of the public through the application of building codes, fire protection regulations, and city ordinances  while providing high-quality, responsive, timely, and courteous service to our citizens and customers.


Our customers include the general public, contractors, architects, engineers, and developers. We are here to assist all those who live or work in our community by making the permitting and inspection process as simple and efficient as possible. The Building Division has two main functions:

  • Regulation of building construction activities through permitting and inspection
  • Enforcement of the non-criminal aspects of city codes with regard to private and public property

Building Permit & Inspection Utilization Report

For the Year Ended September 30, 2022


  •     Building Permits                                 499,742
  •     Building Inspections                                     0
  •     Building Code Enforcement Fines.      94,500
  •     Allocated Investment Earnings                     0                   
  •     Other Revenues                                            0

Balance Carryforward:


  •     Personnel Services Cost                 271,782.47
  •     Operating Expenses                        143,378.48
  •     Capital Outlay                                                  0    


  •     Number of Building Permit Applications Submitted        3,086
  •     Number of Building Permits Issued                                3,063
  •     Number of Building (Re)Inspections Requested            5,824
  •     Number of Building (Re)Inspections Conducted            5,553
  •     Number of Private Provider Inspections                 165
  •     Number of Private Provider Audits                                       6
  •     Number of Dedicated Personnel                                          5

    Descriptions of Other Permissible Activities