Neighborhood Sweeps

To enhance routine patrols by individual zone officers, neighborhood sweeps are held each month as part of a comprehensive approach to improving areas within Temple Terrace.

Each month, selected neighborhoods experience heightened attention as the Code Compliance team visit each street, looking for code deficiencies or other related problems. Officers address maintenance standards, such as debris accumulation, unclean sidewalks, overgrown conditions, improper yard parking, inoperative or untagged vehicles, improperly stored boats and RVs, fences and sheds in disrepair or other concerns.

These sweeps are conducted only within the city limits of Temple Terrace.

The program’s goal is to maximize “pride of ownership.” For code clarification or to request a courtesy inspection, call Code Compliance at 813.506.6680.

2023 Sweeps Schedule

2023 sweeps map

  • Zone   1: Thurs, Jan. 26            
  • Zone   7: Thurs, Feb. 16                 
  • Zone 11: Thurs, Mar. 23          
  • Zone   4: Thurs, Apr. 20                 
  • Zone   8: Thurs, May 18                 
  • Zone 10: Thurs, June 15                 
  • Zone   6: Thurs,  July 20
  • Zone   9: Thurs, Aug. 17
  • Zone   3: Thurs, Sept. 21
  • Zone   5: Thurs,  Oct. 19
  • Zone   2: Thurs,  Nov. 16
  • Zone 12: Thurs, Dec. 14

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